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    Just updated my today screen

    At the top overlaying the "start" icon is PQzII found HERE, it add lots of great functionality to the treo 750 keyboard.

    The just bellow that there is phonealarm, looks nice has lots of differant skins and makes it easyer to see sms, email, missed calls and voicemail.

    And at last good old Calendar+, lots of options to view all you appointments.

    And yes darn it Eurvision is teh awsome!
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    Here is mine

    Wisbar 3
    WM 6 Default Blue
    SC Grill 3 theme
    SPB Phone Suite
    SPB Pocket Plus
    Calendar (Agenda One)
    WM Search
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    Quote Originally Posted by lulugirl896 View Post
    What's the theme you're using there. Most black themes do not look so rich and nice on the 750
    Thanks lulugirl896, the theme is Black Curve from Vicott's page at Mobile-SG. Another nice Black theme is Apple Black.
    Proud Owner of a Palm Treo 650 Black Tie (:
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