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    I have my treos push email every 2-3 minutes, and there are times where I am out of service (in a chamber for example)- then it will return the error and you have to push OK to clear it even if you are back in service(coverage)-

    I find this annoying because if I don't push OK, it will stay up and not "push" any more emails through.

    So is there a way to disable this notification?

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    I just noticed this. I'll try this. (I didn't think to check the "sound/notifications" because I'm deaf and didnt think of it being under sound)
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    This didnt work, I unchecked the events(warnings, system events)
    but it still popped up in my email saying

    "Error s7109 the network connection timed out"

    any ideas?
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    I can always click ok whenever I want to check email again but would love it if a programmer or someone smart could figure a way to disable this in registry.
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    I'm sure people wd benefit from this if somone cd make a hack for this?

    I finally am getting comfortable with the registry. I was wondering if anyone could look around and see if they could figure out where to turn this from 1 to 0 for this???

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