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    Hey guys,

    I recently picked up a Treo 650 car charger off Ebay and it seems to work in so much as the charging light comes on. However if my Treo 750 is hooked up to the car charger whilst the screen is on and bluetooth activated (e.g. when using it as a gps satnav) the overall charge seems to decrease even though the charge light is on... so after an hour or two of driving I get a low battery warning.

    Could it be that the Treo is simply sucking too much power and the car charger cannot cope, or do I have a faulty unit?

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    To confirm that the charger is actually sending power to the Treo, make sure the battery icon in the upper bar of the Treo shows the battery with the lightning bolt as it is charging.

    You could have a combination of the charger not putting out enough power to charge and run the device, or if the Treo is in the sunlight (heat from sunlight saps power from the battery, also) with the screen on and the bluetooth on, it could very possibly be sucking too much power.

    As an example, if the charger is outputting 5.2 volts like the in box travel charger does, but you are using 6 volts to run everything, doing the math, you are still using .8 volts battery power, instead of charging.

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