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    alright i just got my 700wx for verizon. they didn't give me a cord or any installation disks so i just hopped on the site and dled the activesync . my question is ... in order for me to mess around with my treo i would need to go buy the cord before i can do anything with my treo right? i wasn't sure if the #777 everytime i connect it charges me so i wouldn't know unless someones tell me they don't charge and its free. (hopefully) but yeah i have a lot of questions to ask so if you can please take your time help this noob out (me) and maybe other friendly noobs out there with what we should start out first when we get our new 700wx from verizon (sorry sprint)
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    first question... who is THEY?
    everyone always says THEY, who do they mean though?
    Who did not give you the data cable and the install disk? Was the Treo NEW or used? Is THEY a store or a person? Ask THEY to give you the install disk and the data cable (don't really need the install disk because you can find everything that was on that disk at the palm site).

    Secondly, if you have "use phone as a modem" then you would not be charged when you connect your phone to your laptop and then use it to connect to the internet.
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    eh i figured it all out. i bought the cord for like 2 bux and then it does charge me when i hop on the internet i just found that out. it wasn't used it was new without the booklet and cord so ionno what to consider it. connecting using wireless i think requires me to get the card.

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