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    I have tried lots of applications and scripts to monitor the battery and to close instead of minimize open applications. The problem is that this functionality usually comes at the expense of a large footprint of a glitchy program that tries to do 20 other tasks as well. An example is the battery bar that is included with spbPocketPlus. You know, the one that runs across the top of the screen and is only a few pixels thick. I love it. But I don't like the footprint or bugs of spbPP.

    So does anyone know of an accurate battery meter that is stand alone and graphically similar to the spbPP meter and works with the Treo square screen?

    Same question for an "X closes the app" software. Is there a reliable standalone app that accomplishes this well on the Treo 750?
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    You do know that you can uninstall various features of Pocketplus?
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    Here's just the battery bar.

    Can't help with the ok button since I use Wisbar but I know there are several out there.
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    Thanks for the battery app. It seems to have a tiny footprint. I was hoping to change its bright green color, but it does not look as if its configurable. But its what I needed!
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    google "pwrstat" which gives you some more customizability and also shows RAM useage.

    google "HTC X-Close Button"
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    Magic button is even smaller than HTC's Close utility, I highly recommend it.

    The best solution IMO is to use AEButtons since you have it. Map the action "Close Active Application" to 'Long' press for the Left or Right softkey and you'll never reach for the X again.
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    Thanks gadget. I will check it out.

    Gfunk, I do use the close app option in AE. I have it mapped to a double-click of my OK button. But in typical PPC power user I-don't-like-to-take-an-extra-half-second-to-do-anything fashion, I find myself constantly hitting the X button in the top right screen during those sessions when I have my stylus out. So I would like to make the X a close option too. I know....LAZY.
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    Is there not a reg entry that controls whether the screen X minimizes vs. closes an application? I mean, it seems that everyone makes a closer application these days. So it must not be that hard (famous last words).
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    Does Magic Button have the option to map the "true close" to a hard button?
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    for closing programs try using handyswitcher. I use it on my 700wx & I love it. it even allows u to create an "ignored list" where u can add programs (that u run on a daily basis) & have them minimize & run in the background while the rest will close

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