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    that's the way I've used it in the past with the slowdown. Don't know for sure if that's your problem. I'll try it again today and see if I still am having problems. I push my yahoo and google email to my exchange and use the push thru my exchange. That works great with no slowdowns. I've noticed a bit of a hesitation when it is d/l'ing hotmail (thru outlook).......not sure why. It's fairly annoying.

    Why don't use test it yourself? Turn off your email for a few hours and see?

    Here's another suggestion that has already been mentioned. If you really want something to close your apps, why not try htc's X button. It's very small and free. If you can't find it on xda-dev, let me know and I'll post the .cab.

    Another thought is to for sure soft reset every day or two. It helps everything run smoother. Clear your IE cache every couple days if you use it alot. Don't use too many 3rd party apps (esp today plugins).

    Good luck and let us know what you figure out.

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    As I like to state I am no expert, especially compared to most of the folks that post here but I do use the device a ton and can tell you that all the advice about soft resetting makes a lot of sense. It takes less than a minute almost always clears up any problems.

    I would then suggest starting your active sync and no other apps. I bet it works fine.

    The odds of any two WM5 devices running the same apps, background processes etc., other than the day you take it out of the box is slim. WM5 like a desktop OS is so customizable--often times you don't even know you changed it--that bugs will happen.

    If you are going to make changes and add software then you need to be willing to trouble shoot from time to time. You can be really careful and add applications slowly and try them for a while before adding the next which takes time but is safe or you can just install things but be prepared to trouble shoot from time to time.

    I look at this as the price to pay for a device that does voice and data simultaneously, has a fair amount of on board memory, can get the fastest data connection out there and let you add apps like google maps or whatever else.

    We can all come here to try and solve the problems we create!
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    As long as I close out running apps from time to time I don't have any slow down issues. I do agree with games slowing down phones as it has happened to me on previous phones.
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    I figured out the source of my uber-slowdowns.

    Basically having an email account pulling email from a POP server. For some reason when you have a lot of email in the pop mailbox (over 500 or so), it CAN get bogged down....rather STUCK when checking mail.
    I've had this a few times, but purging the older mail from the mailbox solves the problem.

    If you're having this issue:
    1) Disable auto checking of POP mail and see if it goes away.
    2) watch the send/recieve, see if it gets stuck on receiving
    3) Try emptying out your inbox. Move the mail to another mailbox or something.
    Basically it's a bug in the POP mail code in Pocket Outlook.

    There could be other sources of slow down, but this is the only one I've experienced and I've spent a good amount of time diagnosing it.
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