I have been trying to figure this out for weeks now and still have no go on it. I love Wisbar Advance 2 and Wisbar Desktop. I love the way it changes my phone so when other people have the same phone mine doesn't look boring and Identical to theirs. The problem that I am having is with the Dial Pad skin. I can install Wisbar Advance and Desktop no problem and run them but anytime I put in a dialer skin, calls still come in, but the ringtone deactivates as well as the vibration. It doesn't matter if its a known call or unknown caller it won't play the ringtone. The box will pop up saying who it is, but I miss so many calls like this so I had to remove it. I say this becasue when I install Wisbar desktop the Green Call button no longer works to bring up anything and the only way to reactivate it is with downloading a dialer skin and than it works ago. One thing that is also weird is that any skin that I apply for the dial pad, they all look the same, like the old WM dial pad, the blue and red one. If anyone know what I can do besides getting rid of Wisbar, it would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know, thanks in advance.