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    I tried a search but couldn't find the answer but is there anyway to turn off the email notifications without turning off the calendar notifications? I see where you can turn them off for programs but won't that kill all notifications?

    I don't mind the first notification when I have email but once I dismiss it, shouldn't it stop? It continues to repeat itself, even after opening the email program. The only way to stop it was to read each new email.

    Any thoughts?
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    C'mon man. Settings>Sounds&Notifications. On the notifications tab, select Inbox and choose not to display a pop up message. Done.
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    Thanks. I've forgotten the layers of WM and looked right over it. Too many years with Palm.
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    I wish there was a way to get it to stop putting a new mail notification icon at the top of the screen. I have mail notifications totally disabled but it still puts up the new mail icon.
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