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    Minimo .2 was released yesterday. Has anybody tried this out??
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    Tried it, it worked, still a little slow, I was hoping to be able to access my bank's website, still a no go, though if you have nothing better to do its worth a little face time.
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    I tried dowload the .cab file directly from the website but when I clicked to install it, it says the installation was unsuccessful. Is there another way to install it without syncing from a PC? Otherwise I'll just try it out later.
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    I downloaded it ok but it is bloatware. It runs very slowly and takes up lots of memory.
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    I still prefer IE or Opera Mobile over Minimo. Even the Deepfish beta is much better for my use.
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    PIEPlus is IMHO still the best solution out there - and worth the money.

    Small, fast, with most features you'll ever need. One of those programs you can tell a lot of thought and engineering went into.
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    I use PIE +/keyboard enhancements provided by cellneuron and OperaMini wirh the Residoro Intent Java that allows for use of the softkeys. They work extremely well for me. I tried minimo and the new opera mobile and I was NOT impressed.
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