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    Please help! I been looking for 3 hours!!! any suggestions?????
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    When you find one let us know. We all have been searching for one that doesn't disconnect.
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    None of them seem to work well with VZW WX.
    Treo 700WX - VZW
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    Is there any for sprintwx????
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    Quote Originally Posted by jigalo View Post
    What is the best Bluetooth to get for a 700wx????
    The best Bluetooth what?
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    best bluetooth headset!
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    try an h700 I've used it flawlessly with my sprint wx (ive also used a jx-10 & a plantronics 640 but they would always disconnect)
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    a second vote for H700. no issues and never a disconnect
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    I have been using a JAWBONE now for about a week and half. So far it is the only one on my verizon WX that does not disconect.

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