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    I was under the impression that both the Verizon Broadband Access Card and the Treo used the EVDO network.

    So why is it that with my broadband access card I am getting 3-4 times faster download/transfer speeds than when I've got my Treo tethered using PDANet?

    I originally bought the Treo thinking it would be a good replacement for the Broadband Access card, but did not realize my transfer rates would take this much of a hit -- am I doing something wrong, or is the BroadbandAccess hardware simply capable of higher speeds than the Treo?
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    Some select cities are RevA activated. The Treo doesn't support RevA.....Yet.
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    This is an email I received asking a related question to a buddy of mine who is a Sprint Sales Engineer...

    Hello, Ed:

    Sprint is using EVDO Rev 0 and we currently upgraded to EVDO Rev A. That launch just happened on 3/24. Your device (700wx) specifically is a Rev 0 device. EVDO Rev A handsets will be coming out later this year. The only Rev A devices currently are the mobile broadband connection cards.

    Bandwidth - Here's some details on uplink and downlink speeds:

    (I also included a cool *.ppt that shows you our network speeds, progression and cell design at launch - confidential)

    EVDO Rev 0
    Peak: 2.1 Mbps downlink / 144 Kbps uplink
    Average: 400 - 700 Kbps downlink / 50 - 70 Kbps uplink

    EVDO Rev A
    Peak: 3.1 Mbps dowlink / 1.8 Mbps uplink
    Average: 600 - 1400 Kbps downlink / 350 - 500 Kbps uplink

    Note that the biggest improvement in Rev A is on uplink. So sending large email files from a laptop, large content video images from a handset, etc. will be significantly improved. We're typically seeing a 10 times increase in upload speeds.
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    What is RevA?

    I may be able to deal with the speeds just due to liking the Treo, but have other people experienced VASTLY different transfer speeds between the Treo (700wx in my case) and broadband access cards?
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    Wow Eddie, thanks.

    I'm using Verizon Broadband Access and 700wx treo... I'm guessing probably a pretty similar situation with that also?

    Do you think it is something I should put off buying a Treo for, or is it that far down the line?

    I've just always used my Verizon Broadband Access card, so I've been used to those kind of speeds.
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    Rev. 0 and Rev. A download speeds are not significant (Just 1mb more on the Rev.A), but the major difference is the upload speeds. As my friend noted, it's greatly significant for users sending large email attachments.

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