and it is the same WM5, but it has a few changes. There are 2 new menu bar options that appear on the today screen. They are large icons which, when pressed go to either v-mail, internet, wirelesssync, calendar, etc. I also noticed that when setting up wirelesssync, I can no longer set it to check the mail every 10 minutes it starts at 20 minutes and goes up from there. It also gives me a choice for "timed intervals" which would check it every 20 minutes, or whatever I set it to or I can set it to "Push." I am not sure what to set it to, I want to to check my mail often and I guess 20 minutes is the most it will check it, but I thought it had to be set to "Push" and it will not let me check both of those at the same time. Anyone have any ideas on this? Thanks in advance