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    Quote Originally Posted by dannyboy22 View Post
    Has anyone that has purchased this card now get an alert dialog every time you connect to the hotsync cable?

    It says:
    Pocket PC Networking
    Unable to obtain a server assigned IP address. Try again or enter IP address in Network Settings.

    I dismiss it, and things go along happily, but it pops up everytime I plug in my sync cable (without the WiFi card plugged in).
    I've never seen this popup message at all with mine. I perform a BT sync on one PC, and a wired USB sync on my laptop. I just performed a wired USB sync last night and the WiFi card was not inserted. Never saw the message.

    dstudboy1, I agree with joe_mcp, you will not regret it.

    I also have to agree, that someone does make a WiFi b/g card with at least 2Gb memory. Also, a shorter design, so it's the same height as a regular SD card.
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    It will also be good when the screens get better resolution... I came from a 600 and 240x240 is great compared to that but I imagine 320x320 like the 700P would be even better.... On that note does anyone know of a good browser to suppress images or how to change the text size in PIE?
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    Anyone know what a gwes.exe error is? I have gotten this a few times while using the card.
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    I have used the card several times since i got it and have never seen that error... I have used the web and email... what were you doing when you got it?
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    the card for me seems very erratic. I need to test it out again today.
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    Could be a bad card I guess so far I haven't had any issues with mine... let us know what you find out...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dstudboy1 View Post
    the card for me seems very erratic. I need to test it out again today.
    I never had any problems with mine as well. What kind of problems are you having? Don't forget, Wifi frequency is at 2.4Ghz, same frequency as BT, cordless phones that operate at 2.4Ghz, and even Microwaves. Your Wifi card may even be trying to connect to another Wifi access point, which has a stronger signal.
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    when i put my card in my phone says their is not enough memory to load the driver. Any suggestions on what i should do?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dstudboy1 View Post
    when i put my card in my phone says their is not enough memory to load the driver. Any suggestions on what i should do?
    I sometimes get this, too, but it works fine after...
    1. I just popout the WiFi card. It's not necessary to remove it.
    2. Perform a soft reset.
    3. Re-insert the card.
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    I bought one of these cards from and it works great. The only issue is that sometimes it won't load the driver for some reason. I loaded magic button freeware so I can perform a soft reset easily and it always works flawlessly after a soft reset. I also went ahead and canceled my VZW broadband account and am now saving $600 annually. I never got what I was paying for anyway with the cruddy reception where I live as well as the constant "no modem errors" that VZW tech support never could seem to help me with. I have Wifi at home and at my office, therefore I can get internet access about 80% of the time. I can usually find an open network anywhere else if I try too. I'm going to try to keep from having to reconnect to VZW's data plan if possible. If I really get withdrawals I am thinking of paying $19 for the T-Mobile Hotspot service since there is always a Starbucks on each corner. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the savings. This little card rocks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by crazie.eddie View Post
    Wi-Fi (g) - up to 54mbs
    EVDO - maybe up to 2.4mbs

    For me, faster is better. Plus, I have my own network at home. With a Wi-Fi card, I can transfer files and perform an Activesync without being behind my computer anymore. I can also perform Sprite backups and have the backups stored on my computer automatically.

    govtcheez did you buy it? I'm interested in it as well.
    You know the speeds never really go that high when using the connection just for internet right? You'll only get close to 54Mbps when transferring things between computers on the same local network.
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    I just bought this card. The install disk had 3 options. There was a WM2003 install option for 802.11b, a WM5 install option for 802.11b and then a 3rd option for 802.11b/g (without any OS designation). I installed the 3rd option using ActiveSync on my Verizon 700wx. I turned off the radio and inserted the card. The only message I get is card not recognized and then nothing -- it doesn't work. What have I done wrong?
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    I also tried the WM 5.0 install option. Same result. Card not recognized. In neither case could I find any program icon on my Treo, but I did have an option to remove the card program, which I have done. Any suggestions? I am stumped.
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    Did you perform a soft reset after the install? Otherwise, popout the card, perform a soft reset, then insert the card back in.
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    Tried that. No dice. Card still unrecognized.
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    Do you have another treo available to try it in? Sounds like a bad card.
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    I do not.
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    I called and I am getting a warranty exchange. They said it sounds like the card.

    In the meantime, canyanyone suggest which is the better CAB install file - the 2nd ("b" for WM 5.0) or 3rd ("b/g" without OS reference) choice on the install disk?
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    I don't know. Mine only came with 1 cab (, which is dated 6/30/2006.
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    Ok, I just got mine. This is a great card. I love it!!
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