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    OK this is odd i dont know why this is happening. I use activesync via Wireless to sync my phone to my work computer with Outlook. For some reason my calendar wont show any appointments when it used to (i believe ever since the daylight savings time fix) both devices have been patched. I have multiple appointments on my computer my phone will sync email, contacts but not my calendar i know this is check on as a feature?

    Also the weirdest issue of them all is my ALARM! For some reason all of a sudden my phone alarm (OEM Alarm not the program) will make two alarms somehow go off at once its really weird! My phone has two alarms configured for two entirely seperate times but i think my phone is somehow secretly scheduling another alarm through activesync(i know ive had problems with contacts doubling because of syncing same contact twice). Last time this happened i literally could not shut the alarm off even after i soft reset 5 times the alarm literally it still ran i had to hard reset to stop it! Is there a way to configure ana alarm through outlook that would trigger this?
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    I am having the same alarm problem right now, and I would LOVE to know how to fix this.

    EDIT: used SKTools to remove duplicate notifications. No problem now.
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    Also, has any one else had their repeating/long term appointments shift by an hour since 3/31 ? I'm guessing it is an atrifact of the day light savings stuff, but all of my repeating calender appointments have shifted "back" - i.e. was 8am but now shows up as 9am in the Today screen. In edit mode, the origibnal time will say 8 am but hitting OK won't shift it to 8 in the today, nor will toggling it to 8:30 then back to 8:00, it stills shows in Today as being 1 hour off @ 9:00 , The only way to fix it is by deleting the appt and recreating. I can see this being a problem for people who scheduled future appts that are now off by an hour .....

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    I think i am having similar issues.. My calender appointments are still in my calender on the Treo.. They are just not showing up when i put it on "month view". The days are all empty. But if i click on, say April 5th (knowing i have an appointment that day) the appointment IS in fact there. But i would never know by looking at my calender in month view..

    Very strange and aggravating!!

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