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    Hi everyone Im new to the forum and first I just want to say this is by far the best forum for the treo Ive seen. Also sorry if Im posting this in the wrong section. OK I got my treo 700wx about a week and a half ago and I just want to know what are some cool apps I can download and where I can get them from and if so the price. To let you know I primarly use the phone for email, text, music, calender, and etc. I guess Im saying I dont really use it for talking I have a metro pcs for that. So any cool apps you might have on your treo's please let me know. Almost forgot I still can't seem to set up my push email. I use Yahoo, how do I get those emails sent directly to my 700wx.
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    Welcome! My best advice to you would be to browse and SEARCH for what it is you are looking for. My biggest "friend" when I first joined, and still is to this day, is following the "What does your today screen look like" thread. See what others use and are doing to their Treo's. Good luck and happy posting.
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    treo alert
    weather panel
    threaded sms
    ui tweeker
    a2dp hack (cab installer)
    mms hack (cab installer)
    windows live
    google maps

    a quick search of this site and you can find more on any of these. there all free.

    I also recommend spb products ( not free ) google "spb".

    and rss readers are nice.
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    what is "THREADED" means when it comes to sms?
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    NO NO NO
    i've seen those threads. there is no definition to WHAT "threaded" means.

    i know what sms is, just not threaded sms

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    11am to 3:09pm, and you're still wondering? That's 4 hours, you could have Googled threaded sms and found out in 4 minutes or less (hint: the fourth result as of this writing explains it pretty well).
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    why not use an im client?
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    Threaded gives you a conversation style record of your SMS messages similar to most IM clients.
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    i dont get the texting crazE. you're using a phone, just talk to them! lol
    i do get using im on smartphones or on the go.... ah well 6 of 1, 1/2 dozen of another
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    There are instances where people don't want to talk to a person or maybe in an area where talking on the phone is inappropriate (meetings, theater, etc.), so texting is easier.

    Also, when you call someone, you typically feel like you need to start up a conversation. With texting, you can just send the message and wait for the reply.

    One last thing is you can text multiple people at once, which calling may be too cumbersome.
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    I would say that the threaded SMS hack is the BEST thing I have ever installed on my Treo. I will never go without threaded sms again. Sometimes I forget that the people on the other end don't have it and I need to slow down on my texting...hehehe
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    I have a 2000 minute plan, and well, I hate talking on the phone.
    I use on average 2000 text messages a month.

    It's easier to hold a conversation like that with me due to my job.

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