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    Cingular Treo 750, about two months old. At first, everything worked normally. About a month ago, I noticed it had stopped producing the short vibration when moving the top slide switch to silent. Since it still vibrated for phone calls, SMS alerts, or email notifications, I didn't worry about it. Now, those have stopped, too. I couldn't find anything about this specific problem by searching here or on Palm's website. Does anyone have any information on this or how to fix it?


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    Sounds somewhat familiar. Search here for "vibrate dying". Post from ~2003/4 timeframe. Worked well for me on a 600.
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    I have no idea why... maybe it just felt threatened because I posted something about it here... but suddenly all of the sounds and vibrations are working again except the short little vibe when setting the top slider switch to silent. That'll work. Thanks anyway.
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    Not picking up good vibrations???

    (Sorry, it was too good of a pun to pass up, for a Beach Boys fan)

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