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    I came across this while searching through the "whats your today screen look like" thread. When i installed it, it made a blank bar where my system tray is. That is, the toggle got rid of the soft keys descriptions, but i could not use the space? The "today" bar was successfully removed.

    I guess my question is, are they any reliable hacks to get rid of the top, today bar as well as the bottom, softkey bar? Thanks guys
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    It does work, make sure you are using the wm5 version.
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    Treo 750 hacks thread.
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    Only thing is, when you get an incoming call, it may destroy the bottom part of your screen. Robdam and I went back and forth with this about two weeks ago.

    I loved it, but it had to go. I kept having to soft reset after a call to get my buttons to work... no good.

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