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    Anyone else have a small crack(s) on their 750 screen bezel. I just noticed I had one on the upper right corner. I know the 680 had this problem and I am trying to decide if I want to mess with returning it or not. I just received it 2 weeks ago and I have never dropped it. It looks like a stress crack in the plastic.
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    I too have a crack on by the left soft key, Cingular said this was not covered and refused to replace it but I was past 30 days....Looks like this might be a design flaw. I'll just wait a few months and return it for a hardware problem and it will be covered.
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    i just noticed a crack too, but on the left top bezel. also, the silver paint at the top edge of the directional pad is chipping off. crummy.
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    Just got back from the Cingular store. They replaced it w/out a problem. Thankfully I was within the 30 day period. There are a lot of posts about the 680 having this problem, seems it continues with the 750
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    Mine's not a big enough issue to warrant an exchange as it will take some time to get all my programs and settings loaded again. I guess I'll live.

    Hopefully your new 750 will not crack :-/
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    I narrowed this problem down for me... it was my holster that caused this crack. The pressure from case caused the crack on the bezel. I am replacing with Cingular with a refurb model and buying myself the Palm hard case.
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    My partner an I both have the same crack. It is on the left side of the left soft key. We are both outside of the 30 day grace period.
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    i have one too in the same place^^^^^.

    cingular said cracks aren't replaceable under warranty.

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