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    I have the big boy, Seidio (3200, I think) battery in my Sprint 700wx, and I have a tough time getting a full charge over night.

    If the battery is almost drained (which happens at the end of almost every day), the phone takes about 12-13 hours to fully charge using the standard charger. I have the original charger and some after market ones with the same specs.

    Getting 12-13 hours of time to charge a cell phone is not easy since I don't sleep that long. I need something that will charge in 6-7 hours, which shouldn't be a tall order. I have never owned a cell phone of any kind that takes so long to charge, and I have owned a lot!

    Does anyone know of a fast charger for these phones, or understand the electrical engineering side to know if I can buy a higher output charger without blowing it up?

    Turning off the phone is not a great option either. I like to have it on all the time for those emergency calls.
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    just so you know. even with the stock (little) battery in the phone, charging all night will not give you a full charge. it seems that at some point the battery reaches the full charge point and then stops the charge process. once this happens, even though it is pluged in, the battery level starts to drop. it doesn't keep it at the full charge level.

    every morning i wake up and have around 93% to 97% charge. even though the green light is lite saying it is charged, it's not. i do know that it will go up to full charge, because when i use the car charger or wall charger durring the day, if i check it as soon as the light goes to green it will say full charge.

    hope this helps, cody
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    When the phone becomes fully charged, it stops charging. However the phone will continue to draw power from the battery and NOT from the charger.

    I think this is a step backwards, however in order to get around it I usually unplug and replug the phone back up to the charger as soon as I get up. Normally by the time I'm ready to go, the phone is back green again.

    I'm not sure if that's whats happening with your extended battery though.
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    are you all using push email through out the night or have any other background services on. I have noticed on my treo if I turn push email off and turn of the screen and backlight, when I wake up i'm at 100% battery. When I keep just my backlight on it usually hanging around 98 to 99 percent charged and when I have push and backlight on 94 to 96 percent. So what I did was have push email to auto turnoff everynight at 7pm and for it to turn on at 8am.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    No, I don't use push mail. I do have my phone scheduled to check 3 or 4 POP accounts.

    If I leave my phone charging long enough, it will go to a green light and stay green. It's just that many times it won't be able to get to that point.

    I have done periodic checks to see how far it gets over time, and it's definitely charging at a snail's pace.

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