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    hey everyone, im new to this forum, but it looks like a good one... and i hope you can help me out.

    i bought a 700w online, used, i know it wasnt the best idea, but i had to have a phone, and it saved me a couple hundred dollars over buying it from verizon. not long after buying it, my keypad went, i have use of the 'select' key, and the 'red power button' but thats about it. also, my phone will not charge, so my battery dies. i had a 600 before, so i was charging my batteries with that phone, and then plugging them into my 700.... kinda ghetto huh? well, now that stopped charging too, and i tried to do a hard reset, because i dont care about anything on the phone, but i can not use the 'up' key to reset it.

    anyone able to help? am i screwed? do i have to send it to someone to get it fixed? and then who do i send it to? verizon said they wont touch it because its not from them. bastards.
    thank you for any help you can give me! i appreciate it alot! this is my only phone, and i had to buy a trac phone just to get by.
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    You took a risk... it didn't work out for you. If you bought it from ebay, try using and see if there's an option to purchase an extended warranty, but I think you have to get one within 30days. It's probably your last hope.

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    ****, theres no one who fixes them? whoever makes them can't fix them? i dont mind paying a few bucks, its better than 500 for a new one...

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