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    Sorry but I meant to type in 40 minutes, not 4 minutes.

    I could live with 4 minutes but would still not be happy.

    Prior to this, I had no problems with mail2web and received email practically immediately.

    I can stand a 1-2 day problem but not one that lasts all week. Also their email response that I received told me that the problem was fixed but I had to email them back informing them that the problem was still present.

    I am not impressed with their response nor with their ability, or lack thereof, to fix the problem.

    If it is not working by 8 am today, I will be on another provider starting at 8:30 am. I don't need to worry about this crap.
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    Try Same price as 4smartphone, cheaper than m2w w/ outlook client support, MUCH more reliable and a whole lot faster. I switched a couple of weeks ago after all the problems started with m2w and 4sp and couldn't be happier.
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    I give up! They just lost a customer. Enough is enough.

    I just signed up with 1and1. I'm registering a domain name, too. (I'm sick of changing e-mail addresses.)

    Wish me luck.
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    does 1and1 work with Entourage and Mac Support?
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    I believe Entourage will work with any Exchange server, although it's not fully compatible like Outlook. 1and1 lists Entourage as a supported client in the help section.
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    According to 1and1's technical support, Entourage will work only on IMAP. It will not sync calendars or contacts.

    For all exchange services, Entourage will not let you set up rules on the server end.
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    I have been using 1and1 for awhile now. Customer service is terrible, but fortunately I have rarely had to use it as the service is very reliable.
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    M2W just lost me as well. I thought it was backup until I tried it now. Just registered with 1and1
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    I too have jumped ship and gone to 1 and 1 . com. I don't like having to input my security code so often.

    It is quick though so that is a definite plus.
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    What is the cheapest plan 1and1 has? Also, does it auto sync contacts,calendar etc.... like m2w?
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    the cheapest is $6.99 a month or about 20 dollars billed quarterly
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    Ok, Thanks. 1. Does it auto sync contacts,calendar etc.... like m2w? 2. Also, when I respond to an email that was sent to my gmail account,will it say my 1and1 address or my gmail address that I would prefer? 3. When I delete an email from 1and1 from my treo will it also delete from my gmail account or just from the treo? 4. When I send a new email will I have the option of setting which email account it is from?
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    Very happy now that I've switched to 1and1. I've got everything that I could do with M2W (plus full Outlook client use: MAPI over HTTP) and it's faster.

    But the main thing is it is WORKING!
    --Inspector Gadget

    "Go Go Gadget Pre!!"
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    I have worked with 1 and 1 now for a two days and I have to say I am much happier with their service.

    They are very fast (this morning I received a notification on my handheld of an email that showed up about ten seconds later on my Gmail screen). It took a few hours for them to set up the account but now it works fine.

    The cost is $20.97 every three months. This is more than mail2web but the quickness and reliability offsets the costs in my book.

    A minor complaint, they assigned me an account number. I would have preferred to have been able to make up my own account number so I could log on easily anywhere I need too.

    All in all, I beleive it was a good decision to switch.
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    I have been using 4smartphone for over a year now with NO problems what so ever. Customer service via email is slow but is responsive.
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    i also switched to 1and1 last night. i actually set everything up this morning. only gripe i have is the price, compared to the $1.99 for mail2web. i dont need a desktop copy of outlook 2003, i may go to 4smartphone and save $2 a month.
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    Mail2Web has been working rock solid this morning, finally.
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    Regarding Mail2Web working rock solid this morning, it is just too little too late.

    It took them over a week to solve the problem. That indicates that they don't have quality help working there. That means that this is likely to happen again.

    I would rather pay a little more and get good service all the time than pay less an only get good service most of the time.

    The old addage, you get what you pay for is really true in this case.

    As a free service, I wouldn't have complained but since I was a paying customer, yes I complained and did so every day. I got tired of the stock answer that they were working on it and it would be resolved shortly and the ones where they lied and said the problems had been fixed. Don't even get me started on the one where they said it was reapaired for the majority of people but a very few people might still have problems (what a lie that was).
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    still doesn't work for me. I keep getting activesync errors and my mail is delayed by about 3 hours.
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    haha...rock solid..i so wish that was true....still not working for me either..

    people using 1and1, how has it been since swapping over? cause i for sure dont mind paying money for a working service
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