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    Well here is a strange one for you all...

    Several contacts that are clearly in my Outlook 2007 are not synching with the phone? I do have CardScan installed on the computer and the contacts are there as well however it is not set to sync with the Treo.

    When I did set the phone to sync with CardScan and not Outlook same issue?

    Very frustrating? Any thoughts

    Active Sync 4.5 - XP Home


    Card Scan 800C (Not set to sync with phone)

    Outlook 2007
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    check to see if the contact is listed as something else. Not listed as contact name, etc.
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    Did that. No luck? The other issue is I dont know how many contacts I am missing? Unlike Outlook there is no "contact counter" for the treo. I am dealing with about 500 contacts and would hate to have to check them all manually
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    I'll take a stab...Do the new contact names belong to a category on Outlook 2007, which doesn't exist on your Treo? If so, create a category on your Treo for it.

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