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    Hey Guys, I Am Desperately Trying To Find A Way To Access My Treo 700w But I Forgot My 4 Digit Password. I Called Verizon Tech Support And Csr Said That My Only Options Are To Either:
    1-do Hard Reset By Removing The Battery And Replace It While Holding The Red Power Button.(this Would Cause Me To Loose My Phone Book Which Would Hurt Me Tremendously If I Did).

    2-going Into Outlook On My Pc That I Used To Sink My Phone And Search For A File Called .pst File. The Only Problem With This Is That I Dont Use That Laptop Anymore Cause It Crashed. When I Start It Up It Shuts Down. I Never Really Sinked Anyway, What A Learning Experience!

    On Top Of That,it Isnt Till I Have This Problem That Someone Tells Me About A Program Called Sprite That Can Be Downloaded For Free From The Palm Website That Can Back Up Pretty Much Most Of The Treo Data. Also Theres Wireless Sink. This Sucks!!!!

    I Dont Even Know If My Lap Can Be Fixed. He Said That A Good Technician Can Remove My Hard Drive And Back Up To Another Computer And Save My Outlook Files(specifically The .pst File) While The Pc Is Being Repared And To Make Sure The Tech Repair Person Knows To Save My Outlook Files.

    I Cant Loose My Phone Book Its So Important To Me. Are There Any Alternatives?
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    I have no idea if this will work, but you could try and install activesync on a working computer, and then see if you can sync without needing the password. Like I said, I dont know if that will work but mabye its worth a shot.
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    Why Does Every Sentence Look Like The Title Of A Book?

    Sounds like whether you like it or not, you may need a hard reset for now. I could be wrong, and I'm sure someone will correct me if so. After you have the phone unlocked again, you can install Sprite, and begin to back up data to an SD card regularly if you're not going to sync with a computer.

    As far as your contacts, they're gone if you hard reset, but you can't see them anyway right now, so...

    And your .pst file is the file Outlook uses to save all your information. So if you CAN get it off your hard drive, and move it to a new machine, you can sync up real quick with the new machine and all your numbers will be back again...
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    First, please do not capitalize every word. It is very hard to read when you type that way.

    Second, it does sounds like you are pretty much hosed. However, there are only 10,000 possible four-digit PINs, and surely you have used some sort of easy to remember number, so you should be down to only a dozen or less you need to try.

    Try every number you can think of that you might have used.

    Sorry for the bad news, but there are very few options open to you. This is, of course, a good thing as it means the security works the way we'd like it to work.
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    Hope you get it back in the end. Screw Sprite backup - lots of issues with it. just do the following instead...

    Find the file called "pim.vol" on the root of your device. Make a copy onto your SD card. Re-name it (e.g. pimbackup-date) and you're done. Do this every couple of days and you'll be fine.

    **Depending on whether you used outlook via an exhange server, and on a network at work, there may be a version of your .pst file on a server at your workplace. Out outlook keeps things on a network drive, not the local hard disk. You should ask your network administrator if this is the case.

    BTW, its "Sync", not "Sink" - I would hate to ever "sink" my treo.
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    Regarding the lockout, I'm afraid the only option is to hard reset, since your laptop is broke. If your laptop has a failed hard drive, then it will cost you money to recover the data from the hard drive. If it's something else, then moving the hard drive to another laptop should be no problem IF they are the same computer. More than likely, they will probably not copy the data from one hard drive to another. Besides, since you never synced with your laptop, the only place your data exists is on your Treo.

    What's wrong with Sprite? I never had any problems. I've backed up and restored without any problems. Unfortunately, in order for you to install Sprite or ANY other backup program, you have to access your Treo to accept the installation.

    If you restore activesync on a new computer, you will STILL need to know the password, so AS can sync with it.

    Hard reset and suck it up. This will teach you a lesson to remember the password and to write properly.
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    Yep just tried locking my phone and seeing if I could access it from a computer and I must say no go, when you try to do my computer screen prompts for device 4 digit code. Any way if it really important try using every 4 digit code there's only 9999 of them and if you can atleast think of the first number that brings it to only 999 combinations. I've had to do it this way on a different phone so I know what its like to be in your shoes. Or look in your yellow pages and see if theres a cell phone repair place and maybe they know a way. I'm sure if there was palm and your phone carrier WILL AND WON'T tell you how to hack your own phone.
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    If you leave CAPS LOCK ON when you post, the whole post appears like that. I'm sure he didn't do it on purpose

    I agree, hard reset and suck it up. Everyone should use OTA exchange servers (mail2web, 4smartphone), if for nothing else just for contacts/calendar syncing. No better backup for them IMO...
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    hey thanks for the feedback you guys and psb22 that makes sense ill try it as soon as i crack into the phone. yes i said crack guys! i have a line on someone that can do it. ill hit you guys up and let you guys know when directly, but i dont know about you crazy.eddie, you have a litte mouth on im out.

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