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    Is it possible to change the icons to a list view? Like on the 650 you could view your programs in list mode or see just the icon?
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    Unfortunately I don't think you can. I hate icons. I like list views.
    One thing I did is:
    Installed "SPB Pocket Plus"
    I use the Today Screen plug-in and put a shortcut to the "Programs" folder on the plugin as a link.

    1) Install "SPB Pocket Plus"
    2) Open file explorer a browse to /windows/start
    3) Click and hold on "Programs" and select "add to today screen" (an SPB pocket plus feature.)

    Now from the today screen icon you click it and it'll open the programs folder in file explorer. That's the closest thing to a list view as I can find.

    I did try to "Copy" then "Paste as shortcut" a link to the programs folder in to the windows start menu. But it just opens it in icon mode when you do that.

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