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    On my 650 I had a speed dial button programmed for the long menu series required to forward my office phone to my Treo. The string includes some pauses (one second each) and the use of the # to confirm the end of an entry (required by the carrier; sort of an "enter" key). The 750 barfs on this string (the error messages says it can only be entered via the key pad). The PDF documentation indicates that these things can only be done as additional digits, but that only gives me one response and it takes about six steps to get through the menu (AT&T is pretty clunky; can't just dial a certain number; gotta listen to the whole darn spiel every time). Am I missing something on the Treo, or is there a utility I need to get to do this?
    Mike Caldwell
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    I believe my issue is the use of the # key in the string. AT&T land line requires it to enter each key sequence.
    Mike Caldwell

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