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    Two years after selling my Treo 600 (Sprint), I received my Cingular Treo 750 yesterday.
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    Cool congrats, by now im sure you heard that our treos will be getting the new WM 6.0.
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    I've had WM5 for 1 day, and seeing reports of WM6

    I waited a year for a stable WM5 on my old Dell, which I never upgraded to (because of problem reports).

    I still have my CU500, which I will probably use when I want to tether to my laptop out of town, so in the short term, no HSPDA on my Treo isn't an issue to me.
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    One comment on a feature of the 750 that does have a downside. The lack of an external antenna stub. I found my old belt case for the treo, and it is harder to get the phone out. Before, I just pulled up on the antenna.

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