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    Thinking of switching my 700w to a 700wx (verizon). Should I wait for a WM6 version or go the extra bucks now???
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    It's unsure if/when we will get WM6 for the 700wx. Therefore, I would just get it now.

    I just revived my old HP iPAQ H5555, which uses Pocket PC 2003. After playing around with it, I don't see any real difference with PPC2003 & WM5 Pocket PC, since I barely use any of the standard apps with the OS. The only standard app I use from the OS is Outlook & Word. Therefore, unless you rely heavily on WM5 apps, there may not be a big difference between WM5 and WM6 that you would notice.
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    there will always be a new device comming out soon that will be better than the ones that are out now. you would be waiting forever. what i would do is just get now. get one that will keep you satisified for a while.

    what i would do is consider getting out of verizon and going with a sprint sero and 700wx. of the last 6 treo, the sprint version has the least issues and sprint is by far cheaper. you could pay the verizon ETF and still save money wiht sprint.
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    cody's right... you could wait forever, and there's always going to be something awesome on the horizon. The key is to enter the device cycle somewhere, and then upgrade at a pace that you can handle. You may as well get the wx now, because it's still a very capable device in light of all the recent developments in the Windows Mobile world.
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    Ive used pretty much everyphone out there;

    palm 650, 700w, xv6700, Moto Q in black

    The treo 700wx is really a terrific device. I would say the next upgrade would need to be a major step forward. I would take the plunge and enjoy.
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    If it was me, I'd wait at least a few weeks to see what is coming - isn't something supposed to be announced very soon?

    It may not be a WM6 device, but, still, it seems worth waiting a few weeks to find out.

    Of course, there is an excellent chance, but by no means assured, that the best of WM6 may get migrated over from the 750 to the 700WX.

    I'm hoping for that myself, but, then, I already have my 700WX.
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    Supposedly the new device will hit in June (remember the "Palm Sherlock" rumors?) so if you can wait till then then do that. If you can't wait then get the wx. Beware the bluetooth issues though...
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    Depends on how much you hate your w. If you can't live with it any longer, go for the wx hands down. However if it's not a big deal, I would wait.
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    If you want Windows Mobile 6 don't consider a 700wx, it's not looking good for an "official" update from Palm. When I asked, I was told:

    "today's announcement is focused on the 750 - We don't have anything to announce regarding the 700w or 700wx at this time."

    The "Sherlock" aka Treo 755p will run Palm OS not Windows Mobile. This does leave room for a Treo 755w most likely running Windows Mobile 6.

    I'd wait because after updating my Dash to Windows Mobile 6, it is a very nice upgrade.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I'm definitely waiting 'till WM 6 is released and available on current/future Treos. 'Till then, my T650 will serve me fine (albeit grugdingly). Me want true multitasking! I think it will be worth the wait.
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    I have a feeling that the 755 will come in both WM6 and the already leaked PalmOS versions. However, I think that the WM6 version will have a 1-2 month lag. BUT i'm guessing that the WM6 version will have a 320x320 screen.

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