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    I did a search and did not find a solution to my exact problem...

    My treo 650 died and I still have all my contacts and info on palm desktop. Sprint gave me a new 700wx and now I don't know how to transfer the 250+ contacts from palm desktop to outlook without going one by one.

    If anyone knows how to do this, I would greatly appreciate the help.

    Thank you,
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    This is quoted from an answer to my post...

    Jeff asks, "Is there a way to sync my Palm Desktop contacts (used with my Visorphone and Tungsten W) with my new Treo WX ?

    If Yes, can I sync my Treo calendar with the Palm Desktop Calendar?"

    DTfromBH from the Palm NG says, "The wx syncs with Outlook PIMs, not Palm Desktop. If you have your Tungsten W install CD you can install PocketMirror from Chapura and switch syncing to Outlook to capture your existing PIM data from Palm Desktop. Otherwise I think there is a tool at that will allow a one-time conversion to Outlook."

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    Hey, I was having this same problem, you can see I started a topic about it too. I'd spent the last 48 hours trying to figure out how to do this and just found the solution. I found this neat (and free) program called ConvertMe. You can download it at, it automates the whole process.

    Best of luck.

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