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    Wait, how does Cingular charge you when you check your voicemail? I don't get charged when I call any Cingular customer, so why would you get charged when you call yourself?

    I don't use that number that Cingular has my phone call to check for messages but I just call my own actual number and it does the same thing...and its free.
    Sorry my mistake. I thought I saw on my bill where it showed a charge for checking my voicemail and/or read this someplace on the Cingular web site. I just reviewed my latest bill and this is not the case. This is still a major annoyance. I have had my phone since Jan. and this problem just arose yesterday for the first time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ckole View Post
    The utility is great but does anyone know the root cause of this? My phone never had this problem and all of a sudden everytime I turn the phone on and off I get a notification. Of course Cingular charges you when you check your voicemail so that is costing all of us $$. Duncan, thanks for creating the utility.

    - CK
    CK - I'm glad VmailFix worked for you OK.

    From what I've gleaned, it appears that the service provider has to send the correct "cancellation" code to your phone after you've listened to voicemails and that your phone firmware needs to correctly interpret this code for it to clear the notification. So phones with firmware that have been customized by the service provider appear to work OK, but other phones don't clear the voicemail notification.

    However, this doesn't explain why it why it was working OK for you initially then stopped working.

    Like you, I have to pay to retrieve voicemails, which is why I released VmailFix.


    Duncan Lyon
    Lyon Solution Services
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