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    Ok so I need some help b/c my treo has been doing this quite frequently lately. Once I am done with my call, I will hit the "end call" button, or the red phone button, yet it won't do anything but turn off my screen. I can keep pressing it and it will only turn my screen on and off, yet it won't end my call. Each time I have to do a soft reset simply to end a call. It's rather annoying. Anyone has this problem or a solution?
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    Are you pressing and holding the end call button too long? Just press it real quick and see if that works. Otherwise you might have to do a hard reset.
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    nope, just pressing it as normally to end a call, yet it just turns my screen off.
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    I have the same power management issue on my Treo. I have also noticed that my Active call timer doesn't count, it just says I've been on the current call for 00:00. Weird as it sounds, I think the two are related. ( Since it isn't counting I think power management doesn't see it as active.)

    In the interim, I have had to turn off power management - it's either that or constantly get interrupted mid-call by my treo powering down, muting the speaker and mic, but keeping the call open - at which point I have to get past my screen lock, and switch to speaker, and back to mic to bring the speaker and mic back.

    Settings | System | Power |Advanced - uncheck the options for battery
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    Disabling the Touch screen during a call appears to prevent the device from going into power save mode during a call - also made the active call timer display update appropriately. ( I have nothing installed except the factory default programs on this device so i have no idea.)

    Settings | Keyguard
    Check Disable Touchscreen While on call in Today Screen.

    Other alternatives:
    use a Bluetooth headset - it won't turn off when the power save comes on

    I'm not certain if this app will help, but I think it's options offer some explanation of how disabling the touchscreen works:

    Disabling the touchscreen is probably the equivalent of vjdevicelock -displaytoggle, and if it is using a built in function, using that option may prevent the simultaneous use/state of -pwroff (Power Off in case you ddin't get it.)

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