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    I have been using threaded sms for months on a Sprint 700w. Something got messed up now where it only shows the phone number, not the persons name even if they are in contacts. I reverted to a backup (sprite) from when it was ok, but it still doesnt show. Any ideas?
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    Let me clarify this. Only one persons name will not show. All the rest seem fine. I have deleted and re entered their contact info twice. Still they do not show up. WTF. Its a silly little thing, but I hate voodoo like this.
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    Could be the way the SMS system is sending their phone number in the header. I have had a similar issue. What I did is when I received a message from them, I added THAT header entry to my contact list, and from then on they appeared correctly.
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    threaded SMS on the wx only shows times...not names
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    Actually the name does (should)appear on the top of the screen...
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    Happened to me once. Check the number under contacts. Mine had a space after the last digit (or maybe it was before--I did a copy/paste from something else and that's where it came from). Deleted it and now the names shows.

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