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    I hope this doesnt sound like a stupid idea.. I think it would be pretty neat. And I hope someone hasnt asked this already..

    Here is what I would like to be able to do.. you tell me if its possible:

    I'd like to be able to hook my Treo 700w up to my computer when i get to work each day. I would then like to be able to open up a program on my computer for SMS messages. That program would sync sent/received messages from the device. The text would appear on the computer as it is received on the device (real time). Then I could reply to the text via the computer. Obviously it would be best to have the program display messages threaded.

    This program would essentially be like an "microsoft outlook" for text messages.

    Typing on the Treo is actually pretty nice compared to most devices, but how much easier would it be to type them on the keyboard?!?!?

    And as far as talking on the phone during the day - that is what bluetooth headsets are for.

    So is this even remotely possible? If it would never work, why? What would it take to work?

    Again, sorry if this idea seems foolish to some.. But i think it would be very convenient.

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    Closest you can probably come up with is Pocket Controller. There are a few others that are probably cheaper, free, but I always used this one when I had my HP iPaq H5555.
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    So with this program, you can do exactly what i was hoping for?

    Are there any cheaper ones?
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    all i want to do is view my text message on my pc.. i was i would get that far
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    With pocket controller you can control your treo from your computer when the two are connected.
    Palm Treo 700w > VZW Treo 700wx

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