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    Hi All,

    Ugh. This is really annoying.

    I have a Treo 700W with Verizon, and use ActiveSync with Outlook on my company's 2003 Exchange Server (SP2). I sync with my company just fine, calendar, to-do's etc. However, for email I am unable to set it up for "As Items Arrive" because they will never get pushed to my Treo. I have to manually get the email. However, if I change the schedule to sync email "every 5 minutes" it works fine. Can I wait 5 minutes for email? Sure! But it's really annoying that I can't enjoy my Treo the way many of you guys describe -- getting email to my handheld before even my laptop gets it!!

    Any ideas on what's wrong?
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    Do you have the update that activated the push email on the treo700w? You should have version 1.10.
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    Yes I have version 1.10 already installed. Any ideas on what next?

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