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    Has anyone figured out how to make SDHC cards work on the 750. Searching the registry there are several references to SDHC, maybe it can be enabled through a registry hack.

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    The issue is with WM5 and not the Treo. There is currently no SDHC drivers for WM5. Once a device comes out that supports it, it will need to be extracted and adapted to the Treo.
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    Do you know if Windows Mobile 6 will support SDHC (or miniSD HC, rather)?
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    What do they mean by the HC? It that High Capacity? If that is the case, then I really believe it is a Treo specific issue not a WM5. I've had and maintain multitude of WM5 phone devices and none have that problem.
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    i bought a standard 4gb mini sd card on ebay for $21 shipped. after i bought it i saw all these threads about SDHC, needless to say i had no clue what that all meant but i was worried. well i got it in today, and it works! 3995 mb available!

    i noticed peoples cards "disappeared" after they restarted their handset with the card inside, so i took extra precautions, took the card out first, did a soft reset, put it back in, and so far all my files on it are just fine! woo hoo!

    oh yeah, i thought i bidded on a generic one, but it says SanDisk, and i think it has samsung guts.

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