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    Anyone using a over the network type backup service? My friends friend is coming out with . Its kinda like Sprite but it does wi-fi and over the network backup. Also it backs everything up. Including the sd card if you want. I thought it was a neet idea. Just wondering what others are using.
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    I have performed a network backup with Sprite, when I used my iPaq H5555 before. It had built-in BT and Wifi. I haven't done it with my 700wx, since it only has BT, but I soon will, since I ordered a Wifi SD card. Although I do travel, I don't find it necessary to backup to a 3rd party. If I'm not around to perform a wireless backup in my network, I just backup to my storage card. Sprite allows you to backup your storage card also.
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    I have done a backup to PC using Wifi over the NetWork with Sprite Backup... It works fine

    Sprite will reboot the device before the backup really start, so just be aware you may need to manually turn the Wifi on after rebooting to ensure an successful backup.

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