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    Relevance Disclaimer: Smartphone Specific Software
    The reason I posted this here is because I believe the code may be helpful to others, as it contains a array sorting algo (the slowest sort ever probably, but it works) and it sorts by date of file creation, that way I know I'm picking the oldest podcasts to get deleted first.

    Ok so there's this decent podcatching software for the Q that not only catches my podcasts, it also has a built-in player so it makes it easy for me to locate & play new episodes. Integrated solution: i like that! It has some issues, but today I solved one of the larger ones: cleanup (it has absolutely NO cleanup options).

    * So this is what my folder looked like before.

    And this is after:

    Allows for customization by allowing you to specify (based on filename) how many of each show to keep:
    ScanList[1] = "slate^5"
    ScanList[2] = "aarm^1"
    ScanList[3] = "1src^1"
    ScanList[4] = "treocast^1"
    ScanList[5] = "twit^1"
    As you can see from the pic above, I want to keep only one episode of the majority of my shows, but I want to have at least 5 Slates.
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    Cool stuff, I'm sure it will come in handy.

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