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    How can I fix the problem that the 750 stays connected to wireless serverice even after along time after exiting the browser.

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    I havent seen anything to time it out, but sure there is something.

    But you know what... Seems the connection, while idle, doesn't hurt battery life at all. I have my 750 checking email every 20 minutes and from 11pm to 8am I see very little battery loss, maybe 5%. Im sure if I wasn't checking email it would be closer to 0-1% loss overnight.
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    It's not a "problem." All PalmOS and WM5 PDA's have always done this by design. Reason is because there really is no problem with the data connection remaining open but idel, just like when your phone is in standby waiting for a call.. data is on standby a long with it.
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    No No No - I had that issue and it was a major problem. No matter what I did the data connection would always stay open. I would even manually disconnect it and it would almost instantly reconnect.

    The problem was my battery life was seriously diminished. My batter would go from a full charge to almost dead within 6 hours.

    I had email to check only every thirty mins. I think the problem was due to Cingular's XpressMail. I did a hard reset and got rid of that program. Now everything is fine. The data connection only connects when its actually being used. My battery lasts for days on standby now.

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