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    I've been reading up on as many forums as possible to try and find the answer myself, but have been unfortunate.

    I've create a connection on my Treo 750 (Cingular) and when I tell it to Connect, the phone immediately dials the GPRS, 3G, connects, then tries my VPN. It then comes back with the error: "VPN server problems. Verify your username and password, and try again. If the problem continues, turn the device off and try again." I have double-checked my username/password (and even tried a second set). I can look on my ClarkConnect (Linux) web interface and see that a connection is being attempted, so I know that the Treo is trying.

    Does anyone have any success stories or have any ideas what might be preventing my connection? I just want to connect to my home VPN while I'm on the road.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Depending on the type of VPN connection you may need to use a 3rd party VPN tool like Bluefin I have found the builtin VPN client only supports basic Microsoft setups. I had to use Bluefin to connect to a Cisco VPN setup.
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    Based on numerous threads that I have read on this site, some VPN connections will fail if you are not using the PDA Connect data plan.
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    If you're using Cingular you can not us PPTP VPN on the wap.cingular access point. By default your Treo 750 is configured to use wap.cingular.
    "My ISP" as well as "Media Net" connection profiles both use wap.cingular

    If you have Media Max or smartphone connect data plans, then you only have access to wap.cingular.
    If you have "PDA connect" (or "laptop connect") then you do have the option to also use isp.cingular in addition to wap.cingular.

    This post will detail exactly why:
    Also see:
    Also see my web page here:
    as well as this PDF (both are same PDF at different places)
    or here:

    If these don't answer your question, then post and I'll try to answer.

    If yoiu're not using Cingular, then I probably don't have a solution for you. Also.
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