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    I am looking for the means to changing the top left and right menu buttons on my phone.

    On my 700 they are used for messaging or notifications (left) and menu (right)

    When I go to buttons, I can change the start, ok and bottom side buttons but thats it.

    Any thoughts???
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    Some more information is needed in order to help you better. For example what application are you wanting to open by pressing the left softkey?
    The only thing I have been able to do is modify the left softkey to open something other than Messaging or looking at some sort of Notification. This deals with a registry tweak.
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    this was for the threaded sms app, but will let you change the left key to anything you want. the right key cant be changed.
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    Using the hack that is provided at this link I see how to change the string for the left soft key - so the words appear -using resco registry - but how do you actually provide the command for what to launch when you press that button? I know this sounds like a stupid question but I am not very experienced using the registry editor and I dont want to screw something up.


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