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    My brother has a Treo 700wx and he has a 2gb PNY SD card. Sometimes when he hit power/end button to bring up the phone from stand by, hes asked if he want to search for video/photo files from the SD Card. Like if he insert it.
    What could be wrong?
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    So it never happened to anyone..
    Im wondering is there a way to disable that popup.
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    Never happened to me with the 700w or wx, I am using transcend 4gb card. Has he tried a hard reset?
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    Nop he didnt try that..
    The phone is barely new (2 days). I'll tell him that.
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    I've had this problem as well with a Sandisk 1gb card.

    Happens randomally, don't know why.

    I dont think its the card, rather the device.
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    I have this happen with my transcend 4gb card.. Happened after I inserted another card to copy some files, hthen it renamed that card storage card2. After I renamed it back to storage card, have that problem, but its only on startup.. I have to dismiss it about once/day
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    I get some wierd things happen with my old 1Gb Sandisk SD card.

    WM Player forgets where it was if I play stuff off the SD card and allow the device to go to standby.
    eReader gets upset if I let it go to standby with a SD card in.

    Doesn't happen all the time, but I never had these issues on the 600...
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    Just say 'no' and move on.
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    mine is doing the exact same thing. anything to fix?
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    It randomly happens, me included.
    No big deal here people. Carry on.
    .....Life is But Such Sweet Sorrow.....

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