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    i'm the type of person that loves to learn how to mod items (not take apart modding, but changing up the looks and such). i've seen some threads about how people totally redo their home screen as well as they entire theme on their 750.

    i REALLY want to learn how to do this. i tried to download the Wisbar program and i found some cool looking Wis 2 and Wis 1 thread where people had these downloadable links to wis. files, .tsk files, and all these other files. but the thing is, i have NO clue what that all means and what to do with it, and what all these "scripts" mean.

    could someone break it down in laments terms for me. whats i understand the basics then i will understand the rest. thanks!
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    what other popular treo sites with forums are there? it seems like this site, along with and everythingtreo/treonauts takes forever and theres not much activity when trying to get replies. i miss pinstack forums with my blackberry pearl as the replies would come in a few minutes after posting. i tried to google search it, but all i come up with is treocentral, everythingtreo,, and treonauts.

    any other really active treo 750 forums?
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    If you are looking for mods, this is probably the best site on the web for Treos. Search the forum for specific keywords and something is bound to pop up. Atleast it will point you in the right direction. I will see what I can dig up and post.
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    there is a very good site i have been using to generate tsk files. the bad thing is this site only generates pcoketpc screens with the bigger screen(such as the MDA etc)

    the only way u can get a jpg to fit on your treo screen perfectly is to modify the jpg so that the bottom portion of the picture is taken up and it pushes the picture to the top so it will fit in your treo screen. ... i got confused saying all that myself. but give it a shot

    another thing u can try utilizing is the SPB pocket plus its a pretty good tool to make the pocket pc look better and be more useful.

    maybe you can try these tsk files (skyline GTR, spider man 3, windows vista portable edition)I have created see if u like them.
    just unzip folder and put these files in MY documents in the pocket pc and select it on file explorer on the PPC.
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