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    By the way, does anyone have any thoughts or hands-on experience of the Cingular 8525 as compared to the Treo 700wx? I looked at one the other day and the display and keyboard look great, but it's definitely pretty heavy. Just wondering if anyone gave this device any consideration.
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    i dont have the 8525, but a friend of mine does. personally, the only nice thing i see for it is the bigger screen and its quite sharp. other than that, i like the form factor of the treos, the snice keyboard, the sexy business look of it. i'm not fond of the 8525, its very very bulky, you can't really have it in your pant pockets, its clunky, the keyboard slideout is a bit loose after a while of sliding in and out. i dont like the keyboard as its just really smooth squares right next to one another without any space in between. overall i love the treo.

    i now have a unlocked cingular treo 750 i'm using and my mom just got the treo 700wx 2 days ago. we love them!
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    700wx (sprint)
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    Slide out keyboards blow. I had a PPC-6700 and couldn't wait to dump the POS. Never again will I go to a slider design. Yes, they do get sloppy over time. They should have some kind of latch or switch on the phone as it constantly slid out while i was on it which forced me to hold it in a certain way. Now, if somehow they made a phone in a Treo form factor with a 320x240 screen, that would be flipping sweet; only if they could keep it the same length as a standard treo.
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