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    Okay, I'm a bit of a newb when it comes to the Treo but I've been having multiple problems and I know you'll be more helpful than Sprint tech support... I’ll list the problems below:

    1 – Email will automatically check for new messages every few minutes, even though delivery preferences are set for 60 min. Also, when I initially set up the email account I set it for 60 minutes. Tech support unable to help, told to perform soft reset (didn’t fix), then hard reset (still didn’t fix).

    2 – Occasionally, I’ll be unable to dial out and will receive error message "unable to connect to phone". When I hit send it will say dialing for 1 sec. than disconnect and I’ll receive the aforementioned error. Tech support told me to do a hard reset, which has cured it so far.

    3 – Occasionally, when using my Bluetooth headset there will be a loud buzzing noise. By hanging up and trying again it will usually go away; but this will never occur when the same headset is on another phone.

    4 – I stop receiving voicemail message alerts; both audible and visual… Have to perform a soft reset to fix…

    5 – When I hang up from a call about 3 times out of 10 the radio will shut off and turn back on again. I’ll see both signal and data icon appear with red “x”’s and then the signal strength indicator will reappear. The signal strength during the call doesn’t affect it, as it’s happened when there was perfect signal.

    6 – Sometimes it will not roam back onto the sprint network even though I'll be in an area with 5 bars of signal. I literally drove 20 miles and it stayed off network until I turned off the phone. Once it powered back up it was on the print network and indicated full signal strength and the network it was locked on was at zero signal strength…

    Keep in mind this phone is two weeks old and has zero programs installed on it that didn’t come with the phone. Did I receive a bad phone or are these common problems? Please help as I’m tempted to ditch this phone while I’m in the thirty day trial period. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
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    I'm responsible for about 20 treos at work I would say that 1 & 3 are known issues, but the rest are not. At least with Verizon. I would try to get a phone to cure the other issues.
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    sorry mistype- I would try to get a NEW phone for the other issues.
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    I 2nd the suggestion to get your phone replaced.
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    Thanks for the replies, I'll go ahead and order a new one. I just wanted to be sure these wern't common issues. I rely on my phone too much to be having this many problems.

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