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    Hey All,

    I have a problem where sometimes my 700w won't wake up from standby... usually happens once per day. I hit any/all of the buttons and the screen and button lights don't come on. I have to do a soft reset.

    I have looke thru the forum but don't see anything posted about this. I have installed a couple games but nothing other than that.

    If this has been posted before my apologies and can someone provide a link... otherwise any help would be appreciated.


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    you need to setup a schedule for activesync and set it to manual update. the steps can be found here: http://treo.discussion.treocentral.c...d.php?t=104409 . sorry I am on my treo now so you may have to cut and paste the link. the fix is quoted a few post down and relates to the Axim. it worked for my 700w. and I assume it is working on my 700wx but I never gave it a chance not to.
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    Thanks again....


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