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    Well it is now Day two with the jawbone and - all seems fine

    my first atempt with this phone and blue tooth was on my 3 year old Jarba Bt200, nothing but problems and static after pairing, constant drop off

    my second attempt was with the Platronics 665 (same as the 655 I think except for the AAA charger). I have to say that this with and without the ear loop is the most comforatable set I have used. with no loop it even hung in thier and held onto my ear. audio was very good as was the volume, but evey minute or so the i could hear a beep and a bluetooth discontect. Granted most of the time it would search and re-contect by it's self, however when it would drop while on a call, no good had to go back to the vz700's speaker, not so great while driving, this is not going to make it

    my third unit is the jawbone. while this is not as comforatable or as easy to put on the ear as my other units, I have to sya I am starting to get the hang of it. I have to say that i have not (to this time) had a drop off at all, after charging and pairing it seems to work and stay conntected. It is not as lound and there is still a learning curve with this unit, but this one works

    Plain and simple this so far seems to be the best of the lot and does not drop the connection. I do not understand Why
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    I have had the same issues but I can't seem to get around the look of the jawbone. It just looks so big.
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    Not Really, it looks big, it seems big, but once it is on it is really not big nor does it feel big at all. After having used several Jarba's and motorola's it is not big at all and it is feeling better all the time as I custom it. Yes it is bigger that the 665 / 655, but once on it really does not feel big. I guess you have to find one and try it.

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