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    I have not posted in some time but here goes.

    My company recently have converted to recieving all faxes to a computer then emailing it to it's reps. On my PC I have a winfax mini viewer program that allows me to see the file/fax.

    I would love to be able to view this on my Treo 700w. Any suggestions?
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    I believe Winfax has a setting to print received fax. Instead of physically printing it, convert the fax to PDF, through Print to PDF.
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    the file comes over from winfax as .fxm file

    any suggestions?
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    I did a Google search and all I can find are file converters to some kind of image file (.JPG, .TIF, etc.). That maybe your best option for now. You can manually convert it, or as I mentioned, use Adobe Reader to print the fax to PDF format. I used to run Winfax before and I remember doing that once.

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