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    I have not posted in some time but here goes.

    My company recently have converted to recieving all faxes to a computer then emailing it to it's reps. On my PC I have a winfax mini viewer program that allows me to see the file/fax.

    I would love to be able to view this on my Treo 700w. Any suggestions?
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    the file is a .fxm file.
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    Since its a proprietary format, I doubt there's any programs to view it. Can Winfax save the faxes in a different format (i.e. TIF)?
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    If you're company has Adobe Acrobat Professional, they should be able to setup Winfax to print received faxes. But instead of printing them to an actual printer, print to PDF format, which you should have no problems reading. Otherwise, Do a Google search on WFX converters, which usually convert them to some kind of graphic file.
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    I love winfax. Have always had the free account which is limited to how many faxes you receive. A while back I had to upgrade to a paid version for a couple of busy months. With the paid version, you have the option of selecting the format of the e-mailed file in your account settings. I was getting pdf's in my mail for a while.

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