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    Hi, I know this has been asked many times now but after looking at all the thread I still can't get it to work. I just recently purchased the Treo 750. I want to be able to play you tube and google videos as well as streaming videos on other aggregator sites that provide links to video sites. What player do I need that will launch automatically when I click on a video link? Free is ideal but I'm willing pay for a good reliable program.

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    So far, I don't think it will work until the next version of Flash or Flash Lite Video player for Windows Mobile is released later this year by Adobe. You may be able to stream thru Orb as far as I hear.
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    You can stream video from your TV or DVR through Slingbox. I use it on my 750 with good results.
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    Some speculation that the new Opera Mobile 8.65 might be able to support flash based video. But I'm skeptical
    Also some discussion that you can do it through ORB? I'm not sure how that works.
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    Thanks everyone. I'll give orb a try and wait for the new flash video player.
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    Does anybody know by when will the flash player be available from Adobe??

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