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    I'm still confused on whether to get a 700p or 700wx? I have been holding out for possibly a 700wx or 750 with WM6, but it looks doubtful any time soon, based on some of the reviews I read. Most of my co-workers are using the 700p. We are a non-Microsoft type development shop, so I guess it's common to stay away from the windows side. However, it seems to me that there is much more application offerings on the windows side. My only concern, without really experimenting with the devices, would be the screen size (240x240). It seems that the display is not so vibrant on the wx model and perhaps the windows menu's take up more real estate on the smaller screen. Outside of that, I do have a concern with memory, just because windows is notrious for getting slow over time, at least on the desktop side. Some of this may not be an issue with WM6, but I'm sure it will be months before we see anything come out of Palm and the phone carriers.
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    pos guys will tell you 700p windows guys will tell you wx. Memory is no longer an issue on either phone.

    ps: get the wx
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    I can honestly say that the screen resolution on the W(X) is the most overblown criticism of all time. I used the 650 which had the higher resolution and then went to the W. For me, the difference never even was a consideration. Pictures look good, text looks sharp, slingplayer looks good. Whats the problem?
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    get the wx. I was in the same situation myself and after 6 months I could not be happier with my device.

    In my opinion, the only thing they need to fix with it would be the bluetoth issue, but I would still buy it anyways

    my $.02
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    They're both good phones. I'll give you my reasons (i've owned both) for getting the 700wx when it was released:

    *I wanted Slingplayer (not yet available in Palm OS, but soon)
    *I want to use my device (ie browse web, play game..etc) while streaming XM Radio (Palm OS can't do this: no background WMA streaming)
    *Blazer, the built-in browser on the 700p, is absolute *garbage*. For all the crap Pocket Internet Explorer takes, it's MILES better and a pleasure compared to Blazer.

    Oh and if you are with Verizon and you send SMS, the device locks up for about a minute after sending an SMS. Didn't affect me on Sprint but it does affect my gf on Verizon.

    Anyway, others will point to bluetooth being madness on the 700P and requiring multitasking, etc, the point is everyone will have their reasons for owning whatever device. Many just have the 700p because of significant software investment in Palm OS. meh
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    I am a WM guy that came from the Palm side. Memory is not an issue with the wx and 750 since they have double the RAM that the PalmOS versions and previous 700w do. The screen really isn't that big of a deal once you adjust the fontsize and do some other tweaks.

    However, just because I love my wx, I will not make the blanket statement that its better than the 700p. Each phone meets the needs of its userbase. I see the 700p as a good device thats easier to use straight off than wm5. WM5 takes some time to understand, but its nice once you do. Its really fun too if you like tweaks like I do.
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    Thanks everyone for the input. I do have a few more questions... (1) Do the windows mobile sites appear to be sized appropriately for the device in terms of Pocket Explorer? I'm not sure how effective it will be for me to use some of the apps like Excel and Word, but I definitely need the ability to browse sites without scrolling all over the place. I previously had a Blackberry and outside of viewing email, the browser portion was terrible. (2) Is there any issues with setting up email for IMAPI4 server type? I doubt there would be. Also, can you configure multiple email accounts with different Inboxes?

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