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    I have always had my "search today screen pluging" set to google. but today it seems weird. I know there has been threads on how to change it to a desktop version, but i'm not talking about that.

    has anyone else noticed the google searched changes?

    if so, how did thay change it if the phone itself had a pre-programed google address?

    thanks, cody
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    It changed to this crap not that long ago and it sucks. Then they changed it back to the way we are all used to. Now it is back to the "new" way again.

    I prefer the old way for image searches and searching only mobile sites.

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    They can still change the site without changing the URL cody, the URL has a target and they control what that target looks like... so it really doesn't matter if the URL was pre-programmed.

    I have noticed too how now you get like images first and then link instead of choosing what I want to search.

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